Pulling off quality creative production as a small team

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Concise Nursing
Uri Rozen
Founder & CEO
Concise Nursing

Sparkle did save us a lot of trouble

”We tried to build our own marketing team. We hired freelancers. But it didn’t end up being the right process for us."

About the client


Concise is a global online education platform that offers self-paced review courses for nursing students who want to prepare for their licensure exams. The platform includes lessons and quizzes created by nurses from around the world with years of experience in the field.

The Challenge

Launching a product with no marketing know-how

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, Uri and his team launched the platform with a very optimistic mindset, believing that if it’s a good product - it will find its way to the users.

Except it did not.

So, they decided to boost awareness about the platform and promote it to the public. But there was one problem:

They didn’t have the means to create ads and all the other assets they needed to market the platform.

“I can do medicine. I can do ‘product’ and all kinds of things, but I’m not a marketing person.”

They tried to build their own marketing team and looked for a creative director, copywriter, and designer. They also hired freelancers, although none of these worked out for their small team.

Things only started to change when they met their now-art director, who recommended Sparkle himself.

The results

Creative production process made simple and cost-efficient

“We wanted to take the whole process of art direction and creative production away from us so we could deal with the things we know best.”

Sparkle turned an otherwise complicated process into something that - in the words of the founder - is comfortable and fun.

So, instead of managing a full-time creative team, hiring and interviewing individuals, arranging contracts, and preparing payrolls, they now have a simpler and more sustainable process that gets them the same end product: quality creatives.

To date, Sparkle has designed various assets for Concise, including:

  • Image ads
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • HTML emails
  • Webinar invitations

And they're all quite happy about the outputs they’re getting.

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