Getting a constant stream of graphics in a lightning-fast timeline

With 100+ design projects completed to date, this agency has saved hours of design work using Sparkle - allowing them to focus on scaling.

Midnightsun Media
Dave Nye
Operations Director
Midnightsun Media

“Sparkle has more than paid for itself.”

“The ability to have that much content created at such a fast turnover - I’ve worked with so many people but Sparkle just has it down. Revisions don’t even take long at all.”

About the client

Midnightsun Media

Midnightsun Media is a US-based digital marketing agency that helps businesses optimize their customer acquisition strategy. They offer a range of solutions, including business strategy development, social media advertising, and funnel creation. 

The Challenge

Getting through the mess of hiring designers

With several years of experience in the industry, Dave always knew that he and his clients would need to constantly create fresh ads to sustain performance growth, especially in this day and age.

So, in the past, he tried all the traditional ways of getting design work done but always ended up with more issues than solutions.

  • He used to ask his family and friends who casually enjoyed doing graphic designs, but it was hard to get their commitment to deadlines.
  • He also tried Fiverr and Upwork, but when he finally found the design style he liked, the designers were no longer on the platform or unavailable.
  • He also hired designers for his team, but some of them became unresponsive after a while. Some of them would come up with only 1 version for each request, and when Dave needed revisions, he would have to wait for 4 days to get a response.
"I don't want to submit a request and then not hear back for 24 hours. Even if that 24-hour mark is where the design gets created, it still feels like you’re waiting for a response for so long."

After these experiences, Dave realized that he was spending a huge chunk of his time trying to get different designers, his team, and everyone else on the same page each time he needed to get a design.

It was inefficient, considering designing was just part of the entire service they offer.

The results

Less time managing designers, more time to focus on scaling

“This sounds like a dream come true!”

Sparkle introduced a new way of delivering designs to Dave and has since helped him skip the troubles of the traditional ways of hiring designers.

His agency now uses Sparkle to generate a constant stream of quality, on-brand content in lightning-fast turnarounds for all their clients - from ads to banners and more!

And now, Dave:

  • Has more time to do his actual job, accommodate additional clients, and bring in more revenue
  • No longer needs to spend 2-3 hours a day trying to communicate with designers, track them down, or find a new person to do the design when somebody suddenly becomes unavailable
  • Has an efficient and sustainable creative production process that everybody on his team knows how to use
"Being able to push out a constant stream of graphics in a fast timeline - that’s success.
It would be extremely expensive and cost me hundreds of hours to find and communicate with that many people for every single design. It’s definitely where the money's at - to get so many things done, so quickly.”

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